Walk along the red carpet through the entrance gate, where the ladies will take you to the world of ball. You will walk on, look around and see white satin veils, flashy chandeliers and a spectacular silk stage. The high-quality musical dramaturgy will be complemented by characters who evoke the feeling of a techno carnival and draw you into the story. You will feel exceptional, either by coming to the ball classy, or by the fact that the space in which you find yourself suddenly looks unrecognizable. Every detail completes the whole and therefore you will be able to enjoy the attention of our staff. Prosecco with strawberries or fresh tapas. You will perish at the photo wall, where with the help of various props you will transform into one of the characters of your imagination. Click! And it is. You will immediately receive the photo and a beautiful memory will remain. All these things evoke the real noble feeling you want to have at the ball, and that’s the magic.

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